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The Therapy Center
Psychotherapy. Affordable. Confidential. Individualized.

If you've been considering psychotherapy or know someone who could benefit from therapy, you've found an established source for help in the Greater Boston area, at an affordable price.

For more than 35 years, The Therapy Center has been offering short and long-term psychotherapy to a broad range of people who need help with a wide variety of life challenges, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, difficult relationships and job stresses. In our inclusive, comfortable setting, as a result of talk therapy, clients have been able to break through negative patterns of behavior, and are living fuller, richer lives.

The initial consultation for therapy is $25. The fee for ongoing therapy is mutually agreed upon between the therapist and client. There is no minimum or limit to the number of therapy sessions. Clients go at their own rate, taking as few or as many therapy sessions as needed. And because third party insurance is not involved, sessions, and the therapy as a whole, are kept totally confidential.

To make an appointment for psychotherapy call 617-277-3910. All calls are answered within 24 hours. Because we have more than 30 therapists on staff in our therapy center (many of whom are bi-lingual), there is no waiting list. Appointments for psychotherapy are made within a week of the initial contact.

Talk. Still the best medicine.

Talking in a therapeutic relationship can free people from crippling patterns of behavior and make it possible for them to have a wider range of choices in life. Why not start now?

Psychotherapists in Brookline, MA 02446.  Find a psychotherapist convenient to the Metro Boston Area